Unique wineMystical terroir.

The vineyard terroir (terruño) is truly the essence of a fine wine. It is what sustains the indelible power of an exquisitely smooth, unique taste, elaborated from a one-of-a-kind, autochthonous, grape variety, named Juan García. "Genuine elegance is founded in simplicity of purity as the essence vested in our fine wine."    

-- Jorge Garrido

Fermoselle, Spain.

Unique wineMystical terroir.

FERMOSELLE is wine locale where time stood still, through the ages, in a mystical magical beauty with a unique grape variety of Spain and the world.

  Centenarian Vineyards​

An authentic Roman fountain from millenary times past in the medieval village of FERMOSELLE; with a viticulture history that is witness to the ages of man.  A locale with a genuine, ancient, jewish settlement dating to the glory period of Sefarad, as Spain was then called, by Hispanic Sephardic Jews, The village is cradle of the GARRIDO family, tracing back more than 375 years of laboring grape vines.  A testament to our family´s tradition.

 The medieval village of Fermoselle is the birthplace of Juan de La Encina, (his given name, at birth, was Juan de Fermoselle), the son of a cobbler of Sephardic descendance, who came to be known as the Father of Spanish theatre.