ARRIBES del Duero River Canyon extends 163 kilometers in length as it flows out into the northern Atlantic ocean forming a sombering gargantuan natural gorge which serves as a pristine conduit along the waterway for precipitating wheather conditions that create a special microclimate along its path. Its beautifully immense configuration and tortuous meandering, becomes the natural border between Portugal and Spain.  This is a special place on Earth with a bountiful microclimate ambience that seals the natural attributes of the terroir (terruño) that give an indelible birth to a fine wine. 

A grape variety is considered to be autochthonous, when it is indigenous to the location where it is grown and nowhere else. Thus, Juan Garcia is an autochthonous grape variety of the Arribes River Canyon region (Arribes D.O.).

Juan Garcia is, additionally, considered to be a pre-phylloxera grape variety.  It's natural inherent rarenes, provides this indeginous prime grape an indelible value to the wine connoisseur ("conocedor" in Spanish) who values and treasures the personal enrichment derived from the practice of wine tasting to amplify the spectrum within one´s tasting portfolio experience.

Mansion Garrido, of deep, natural violet color and hues. Deliciously balanced without a raspy entrance.  Leaves a constant subtle aroma that accompanies its savor in Boca with a profound, elegant, fruit of this unique vine. Insinuations of dark natural cherries and Young French and American (Missouri) oakwood, with scents of strawberries and fresh aromas and light notes of raisins and hazelnuts for delight and enhancement of fine entrees.

Juan Garcia

Autochthonous Grape Variety