‚ÄčMansion Garrido wine is elaborated from an autochthonous grape variety, named Juan Garcia.

It is only harvested in the Arribes River Canyon region, located adjacent to a geographic string of remote and ancient medieval villages, in Castille & Leon, Spain. The appellation name is ARRIBES D.O.

The Juan Garcia variety is a unique varietal, considered a pre-phylloxera grape, a natural descendant of the Burgundian grape variety. It survived the phylloxera bliss, sheltered within the vineyard terraces planted bordering the gargantuan river canyon of Arribes del Duero.

This inherent natural uniqueness of Mansion Garrido wine, separates it - a distinct class apart - from 95% of wines from Spain, which are harvested from the standard Tempranillo grape, the most commonly grown variety in Spain.

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