The world knows of Tuscany while Fermoselle has remained an undiscovered secret--as many other things remain undiscovered--specially for wine lovers.  The village is embraced by an abounding indelible history of the ages that makes one wonder how many places as this can there be on the planet. It is a testimony to the labor of viticulture, through time, in its most genuine and miraculous preservation and natural state. A jewel for those who enjoy to be in the know ,yet, without ostentation while replete with tranquility, serenity and the beaux arts that surround as an attestation and legacy of time filled with the riches that exalt the spiritual interior from Earth´s precious elixir and man´s ingenuity to elaborate it into a fine wine.

Fermoselle is a remote, picturesque, medieval village -- miraculously preserved -- throughout the ages, with granite stone houses quaintly lined along narrow streets

of natural stone pavers dating back more than 2,000

years. The village of Fermoselle has been designated as

an artistic, cultural, historic, and architectonic conjunt

of Castile & Leon's patrimony in Spain, inclusive of the "Juderias"; an ancient Jewish settlement considered an integral part of its past cultural and historic make-up.

This was recently recognized by the village's Mayor and

the village townspeople when the President of Talmud

of Fermoselle was given the symbolic keys to the

Jewish Quarters of the village.

On a visit, one can find water fountains from the Roman era, in working condition among other genuinely valuable historic treasures.  This mystical village is located at a geographical point, on the tract of the Duero River,

where its flow carved a phenomenal gargantuan canyon expanding 163 kilometers.

Some of the canyon walls reach 450 meters in height forming topographic conditions that create a unique microclimate in this viticulture Eden.  The grapes from the vineyards of Mansion Garrido are found atop the hills at the entrance to Fermoselle.  The Arribes del Duero River Canyon is a natural park, the largest in Castille & León.  

It is also the official site where "The Center for Interpretation" of this expansive natural park is located, open to the public free to view a spectacularly produced multimedia presentation and exposition of the Arribes del Duero River Canyon to learn about the uniqueness of the park´s beauty and natural characteristics.

Fermoselle, Spain