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              Jorge Garrido (1953- ) and grandfather,Ángel Garrido Fermoselle (1893-1979)


          In Memoriam

Jorge Garrido:         President, CEO 

Gloria Garrido:        Executive Vice President--Brand Services

Ángel Garrido Pérez:       Corporate Advisor





      Dedicated to those unforgettable

   members of the family who passed-on

    and whose loving memory serves as

  an indelible inspiration and a unique

   irreproachable test of unconditional

               everlasting love.



         Ángel Garrido Fermoselle    (1893-1979)

    Eloísa Pérez Ramírez de Garrido   (1900-1983)

            Mauricio Garrido M.D.   (1964-1987)