The Winemaster´s Mansion is a central and constant daily presence in the labor of bringing wine to life, where the wine maker lives the passion to create an awaited product after the slow, yet, constant care and nurturing of a genuine nature filled with the attributes that enhance the natural properties necessary to elaborate the birth of a fine wine.  Therein lies the quiet unpretentious process that will eco into a unique satifying happiness to be shared from the enjoyment, of special moments, with others who appreciate, truly, a fine wine.

Jorge Garrido        1953

Ángel Garrido        1893

Antonio Garrido    1852

Julián Garrido      1798

Agustín Garrido     1732

The origin of the Garrido family dates back more than 375 years to Fermoselle, Spain.

Today, Don Jorge Garrido, an American citizen who pilgrimaged to his grandfather´s homeland to reclaim and continue the time honored tradition of almost four centuries after the Garrido family labored in this priveleged region for viticulture.

The Mystique of this long tradition, is rooted on the love of wine and a promise to return to the homeland.  It is a priceless blessing in search of moral and spiritual significance rooted on the value deeply imbedded in the love of family.  The continued cultivation of the vine reflects the Garrido family's unconditional commitment to provide quality and elegance to dining and leisure.  It is an indelible heritage of daily living on the foundation of generations past, reclaimed with the favorable natural characteristics from the unique locale's microclimate, where it is born.  To life!

The Garrido Family´s ¡Compromiso!